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Campus Health Guide

Dear Campus Community:
Health is a vital component of a high-quality campus experience here at the University of Texas at Austin. The significant time demands of school can make it difficult to prioritize one’s health, and while UT has a tremendous amount of resources, familiarizing yourself with the resources most relevant to you can be a challenge. Therefore, we have created this guide to describe resources and tips you can access to be safe, active, and healthy during your time here.

We are thankful to all our campus partners who are committed to building a culture of wellness here at UT, where all students can achieve their optimum health in order to succeed academically and personally. In order to support the achievement of this goal, all of the departments listed in this guide are taking action to create programs, policies, and healthy options to improve the wellbeing of our campus.

We encourage you to use the resources in this guide to stay safe, be healthy, and have a rewarding experience at The University of Texas at Austin.

Hook’ em!

Susan Hochman
Wellness Network Chair

Campus Health Guide PDF document

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