UT Austin Wellness Network
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About Wellness Network

Wellness Network is UT's healthy campus coalition.

The Wellness Network is a campus-wide coalition committed to assessing and addressing the health and wellness needs of students, faculty, and staff at The University of Texas at Austin. The Wellness Network brings together advocates for health and wellness from across UT-Austin in order to share information, strategies, and resources. Through this collaboration, we aim to shape the environment in which we learn, live, work, and play to support overall health and healthy choices. The Wellness Network works toward a campus community where the healthy choice is the easy choice.

Download the 2014 - 2017 Wellness Network Strategic Plan.


The Wellness Network envisions a campus culture focused on health and wellness.


The mission of the Wellness Network is to work together to create a healthier UT.


Sharing a fundamental belief that success and achievement are built upon a foundation of health and wellness, the Wellness Network values:

  • Holistic health and wellness - The health of the whole person is important and inextricably related to and influenced by the health of the whole community.
  • Collaboration and partnership - In order to accomplish meaningful change at the University, individuals and departments from across the institution must collaborate and partner with each other.
  • Diversity and inclusiveness - In order to best serve the University community, the broad and diverse perspectives of all members of our community must be heard and respected.
  • Assessment - Thoughtful and strategic decisions can only be made when supported by data and assessment of the current state of the University and its constituents.
  • Alignment - All efforts toward health and wellness at the University must be undertaken within the context of the existing University mission and goals.
  • Balanced lifestyle - Individuals thrive and succeed when they balance their efforts towards work and play, academics and co‐curricular activities.

The healthy choice is the easy choice