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BeVocal Committee Responsibilities and Expectations

BeVocal Committees

  • Content: Maintain consistency to the BeVocal core content
    • Content Committee – The Content Committee is responsible for creating educational material about and for BeVocal. In addition, the committee oversees all material produced on behalf of BeVocal to ensure the consistently and quality of the initiative is met. Past projects include: writing the BeVocal Facilitator’s Manual, developing a mission and vision for BeVocal, and creating a definition for the BeVocal initiative.
  • Branding: Follow BeVocal style guide requirements, design new hand-out materials
    • Branding Committee - The Branding Committee provides support for BeVocal through comprehensive media planning, building brand awareness, delivering campus resources and driving engagement and participation. This committee is also responsible for reviewing co-branding requests and brainstorming/ordering new promotional material. Members of the branding committee have the opportunity to think creatively and strategically to build the mission and vision of BeVocal.
  • Evaluation: Evaluate the reach and impact of the initiative
    • Evaluation Committee - The Evaluation Committee is responsible for building, organizing, executing, and analyzing the assessment of BeVocal's efforts. This committee meets at least twice a semester to plan and discuss the evaluation process but much of the work is done remotely. In the past this work mainly consisted of creating, distributing, and analyzing surveys and generating reports from those survey findings. Surveys tend to be targeted at students to determine a campus's awareness of the BeVocal initiative, bystander intervention rates, as well as student reactions to BeVocal programming. Members of the evaluation committee are expected to have some familiarity with research methods and design, statistical programming, and/or survey development and distribution.

Committee Member Responsibilities

  • Attend a Facilitator Training
  • Co-present one Campus Facilitator Training each semester
  • Attend monthly all-member BeVocal meetings and provide committee updates
  • Regularly complete the BeVocal Activities Tracker

Committee-Chair Responsibilities

  • Host committee meetings at least once per month
  • Determine the schedule of meetings for your committee and plan to attend
  • Answer emails related to the committee’s work
  • Attend all all-member committee meetings and BeVocal Retreats
  • Recruit BeVocal members to join your committee
  • Send updates regarding committee work to contribute to all member meeting agendas
  • In accordance with BeVocal’s overall annual goals, develop committee goals for the semester or year that contribute to the larger BeVocal initiatives
  • Develop a mechanism to communicate regularly with the BeVocal Chair on the work of your committee
  • Keep committee members abreast of what’s going on in the overall initiative
  • Carry out tasks that are asked of you from the BeVocal Chairs or Co-chairs
  • Make sure that all projects conducted on behalf of your subcommittee fall in line with BeVocal branding guidelines and that you get approval from the Chair to move forward on projects
  • Communicate with BeVocal Chair any issues, concerns or support that is needed on behalf of your committee and members

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